So I’ve been playing a lot with zf2 recently and inspired by EvanDotPro’s post on getting things working using pure git, I thought I’d throw one up using composer+git.

So after forking the Zend Skeleton Application I got one with working with it locally, I cloned the remote repo and checked out a new branch for playing with zsa cloning

I then edited the composer.json file to fetch ZfcUser which in turn fetches ZfcBase like this zsa composer.json editing

I then proceeded to get composer to install Zend Framework as well as the other dependencies list (zfuser etc) composer install

And it all worked lovely, using just php’s inbuilt webserver. phps webserver zsa initial load

I then added the new modules to application configuration application config for new mods. You may be thinking there’s some trickery going on the get zf-commons/zfc-user loading as ZfcUser, and you’d be right zfc trickery

And then I set up the sqlite db using the schema that comes with ZfcUer sqlite schema setup and added the file for local database configuration db config

The next time I ran the webserver I was able to navigate to /user and get to a lovely login page.

zfcuser login page

It was all just that easy to get going!

Have a look on github